Differentiate between Meeting and Webinar ID

I am trying to differentiate between Meetings and Webinars.

I don’t know when to call

Meeting/Webinar URLs both look similar like the following:

If I call “/meeting/{meetingId}” but input a WebinarID URL I get this response
[code] => 300
[message] => Can not access webinar info, 1234567890

This is great as I know this ID was meant to be a webinar. But is there anyway that I can know for sure whether the ID in question is either a Meeting or Webinar before I send this request.

Hi @kia ,

Meeting and Webinar IDs are not structurally different. Are you able to keep track of them in your internal database so you do not mix them up? If you’re trying to decipher from a larger list, pass them through a free use endpoint to see which is which in the interim if you are worried about API rate limits.