Show chat without participants list


I would like to disable participants list, but keep chat. It looks like in iOS SDK its not possible, because chat button is located on participants screen.

Below is the workaround I’ve came to.

func onClickedParticipantsButton(_ parentVC: UIViewController) -> Bool {
	let viewController = (NSClassFromString("ZMInMeetingChatViewController") as! UIViewController.Type).init()
	let navigationController = (NSClassFromString("ZMNavigationController") as! UINavigationController.Type).init(rootViewController: viewController)
	UIViewController.topPresenting().present(navigationController, animated: true, completion: nil)
	return false 

Is there any other way? Are there any issues I can expect?

Thank you.

Which version?


Hi dmytro,

Thanks for the post.

Once you catch the click event, you may use the interface: to directly show the chat UI.

Hope this helps. Thanks!


Awesome, totally missed

Thank you!

Hi dmytro,

Glad to hear that it is helpful. Let me know if any other questions. :slight_smile: