Disable/Hide recording controls(pause, stop) in more option -android client sdk

I have integrated zoom client sdk into my project and i’m using zoom’s default UI . How can i hide the meeting recording controls shown within more options to a host in android client sdk

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Hi @saranyams, thanks for the post.

When you are using the default UI, there is no way to hide only these controls after a recording has started. To achieve this behavior, you would need to implement a custom meeting UI. This would give you absolute control over the appearance and behavior of the in-meeting UI.


Hi jon.lieblich,
We found a settings in zoom account level management to disable the pause/stop autorecording for host. But that too didn’t reflect for us in sdk . Attatched screenshot for the same . Is this a known zoom bug to be fixed or should we add anything more to make it work ?
image (1)

Hi @saranyams,

Since that feature is noted as a beta feature, it is possible that it is not compatible with the SDK or may be malfunctioning due to the nature of beta features. Please let me know if this is still not working on the latest version of the SDK once this is no longer in beta.


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