Disable Overlays in Zoom Rooms

I am using a Zoom room for live streaming virtual workshops and panels and I love everything about it except that I cannot disable mic/signal/name overlays or the really annoying pop up when someone “off screen” is talking.

Right now I can use a border to cover the overlays for camera inputs but that does not work for screenshare. Either way, cropping means I lose content which is less than ideal.

Please update the Zoom rooms app or settings so that the host has the ability to turn off all overlays, not just the chat.



+1 for this issue. We use Zoom in a broadcast environment and have this exact same problem. The ability to pin users to specific outputs is great, but we need a way to remove all of the overlays and icons so that we can have a clean feed of each participant. The ability to turn off the popup with the name of the person speaking would be most useful

@blaze just fyi, we have discovered that if you use a virtual sound card like Soundflower, you can trick the zoom room into thinking it has a mic connected and leave it unmuted. This will get rid of the “mute”, but the other icons continue to annoy.

I totally second this. From the perspective of live streaming events broadcast industry.

Not just for Zoom rooms. I would like this feature available across the desktop client’s application too.

But in the upcoming NDI stream implementation that might be in the pipeline, I guess…we may have a clean stream without UI overlay.

But if they don’t, I would like this option enabled for NDI too.

But I totally +1 because, in a NON-NDI video ecosystem where we feed visual into our hardware video switcher like Barco E2, the ability to have the option to clear away the UI notification is a MUST.

However, in my implementation thus far i will pin the visual on the second screen and till now i haven’t notice any UI overlay issue.

But i will monitor that in case i miss it on the second screen. Cheers!

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