Disable Overlays in Zoom Rooms

I am using a Zoom room for live streaming virtual workshops and panels and I love everything about it except that I cannot disable mic/signal/name overlays or the really annoying pop up when someone “off screen” is talking.

Right now I can use a border to cover the overlays for camera inputs but that does not work for screenshare. Either way, cropping means I lose content which is less than ideal.

Please update the Zoom rooms app or settings so that the host has the ability to turn off all overlays, not just the chat.



+1 for this issue. We use Zoom in a broadcast environment and have this exact same problem. The ability to pin users to specific outputs is great, but we need a way to remove all of the overlays and icons so that we can have a clean feed of each participant. The ability to turn off the popup with the name of the person speaking would be most useful

@blaze just fyi, we have discovered that if you use a virtual sound card like Soundflower, you can trick the zoom room into thinking it has a mic connected and leave it unmuted. This will get rid of the “mute”, but the other icons continue to annoy.


I totally second this. From the perspective of live streaming events broadcast industry.

Not just for Zoom rooms. I would like this feature available across the desktop client’s application too.

But in the upcoming NDI stream implementation that might be in the pipeline, I guess…we may have a clean stream without UI overlay.

But if they don’t, I would like this option enabled for NDI too.

But I totally +1 because, in a NON-NDI video ecosystem where we feed visual into our hardware video switcher like Barco E2, the ability to have the option to clear away the UI notification is a MUST.

However, in my implementation thus far i will pin the visual on the second screen and till now i haven’t notice any UI overlay issue.

But i will monitor that in case i miss it on the second screen. Cheers!


Emphatically, Yes. All those popups are Hated by my corporate clients. I have to do stupid workarounds like zooming and cropping which causes other problems. It can’t be that hard to simply implement radio buttons to disable each type of on-screen popup.

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We use Zoom in a corporate production environment. We use Zoom Rooms to add a little control but there are still plenty of overlays that we need to crop out for corporate clients.
Plenty of other controls in preferences available. Please add controls to provide a clean screen output

Been using Zoom professionally to include remote participation in Live Events for several years - and since March 2020 using Zoom for many corporate and topic driven conferences. Please add controls/preferences to provide a clean video output in Rooms and on the Zoom App. Time to upgrade the record encodes as well. Thanks

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+100 if I could.
Zoom Rooms is a perfect way of getting up to 3 sends out Zoom with just one computer. The only downside are the OSDs. Including the one “XY is talking” when you have all ouputs with pinned calls and the active speaker is not one of them. Shoudn´t be that hard to put in a switch to disable all OSD.But as some mentioned already, please put that in the normal client as well, not just the rooms client.

+10 for this as well…but i did find a hack for this recently.

Newest zoom rollout (standard client, not “rooms”) allows a clean display.
5.4.7 (59784.1220) December 21, 2020

If you enable dual screen mode in zoom, and extend desktop, then use 1 monitor as computer control and route your second monitor out into switcher.
Pin your desired participant to the “2nd screen”. Press “alt” to hide controls. (make sure “always show controls” is disabled in the settings) Your controls will show up on the first monitor. Your second monitor should display a clean feed (sometimes it shows “remove pin”, but press “alt” and that should disappear).

This has worked well for me the past 3 broadcasts. As long as you don’t mouse over the 2nd screen, this will prevent chat balloons, and remove all OSD. Its the only way I have found to give a clean feed.

MAJOR downsides:

  1. requires 1 computer per participant (or a person to pin/unpin on the fly)
  2. If someone shares their screen, this will fall apart.

Otherwise, it seems to work well.

Good luck ya’ll

Crappy pic, but it does work for us. No OSD of any kind

Again +100 for clean output option,
Supporting multiple selectable outputs via 1 machine

Keeping the clean feed when someone shares a screen would also be a great addition

My original post didn’t make it.

This IS possible using zoom client (not rooms).
5.4.7 (59784.1220) December 21, 2020

Enable dual monitors in zoom options.

1 screen is used for controls/gallery, 2nd monitor routed to switcher
“pin” participant to 2nd screen
Press “alt” to remove OSD that says “remove pin”
Tape over mouse (it seems to stay clean unless you mouse over the 2nd screen)

This will blow up if someone shares their screen.

But it does give you a clean output, that is not interrupted by chat balloons or when others are talking.

This new roll out allows you to pin windows to create a side by side or gallery look.
Its not ideal at all, but it does “WORK”

+1000 times if I could - we use in a broadcast environment as well and most often asked question by our clients is to shut off all the stuff on the screen. If Zoom wants to compete with others in the exploding broadcast space - this feature request needs to get addressed!

Just following up on this as there also overlays when joining a Zoom meeting via SIP from a video conferencing device such as a Cisco C40. Being able to disable these overlays would be hugely beneficial to us.

Still waiting - one year later - for Zoom Dev to respond to this dire need. We are using Zoom more and more every day in corporate event webcasts and productions. We use Zoom Rooms for the multi-screen output capability and locked 720p quality. But these overlays are killing us!!! If Zoom wants to compete as the broadcasters tool of choice - this must get addressed!!! Our main client wants us to switch to TEAMS to get rid of the overlays. C’mon Zoom - are you going to let Teams outperform you?