Option to disable all popups

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When screen sharing and someone enters the waiting room there is an overlay. Zoom even detects that the popup is intersecting the shared window and notifies me to move the popup away, because it covers some of the shared information.

Describe the solution you’d like
As the detection that the popup intersects the shared window is already implemented, would it be possible to

  • make the popup appear somewhere it does not intersect
  • make the popup not appear at all during a screen share

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
My favourite solution would be a setting to disable any and all popups for good:

  • someone entered the waiting room
  • pinch to view more (Ok during the learning curve phase, but please not every single time a screen is shared)
  • someone has been spotlighted by the host (I can see that)
  • someone is raising their hand (This is already visualized in the gallery and the participant list)
  • video miniatures have been minimized (I already saw them disappear. Again ok diring a learning curve phase but please not every single time I start sharing the screen)

Additional context
We conduct our meetings in sign language only. This means that any popup, message, windows dialog, notification center entry and overlay disturbs the flow of the information. The deaf participants would benefit much more from a clean surface where they can focus on the signed content.
And we as (Co-)Hosts with an established workflow would appreciate the smoother handling.
Thank you very much in advance for considering this suggestion.


This is exactly what we need!

Also, the single pop-up that has the biggest impact on our meetings occurs on the participant’s screen (both mobile and PC type devices) when they are SPOTLIGHTED FOR EVERYONE. They are prompted to UNMUTE. Because the MICROPHONE IS OFF in our sign language meetings, zoom prompts the participant to enable it. Some participants have hearing family members so AUDIO may be connected but we don’t need the microphone and if there was a setting to suppress just that one prompt alone to start with it would make me so happy.

Thank you for posting this request!