Disabled business critical app without notice

The situation in short:

Zoom disabled our app and zoom integration on April 3rd. Without notifying me (CEO) about this.

I have been reaching out several times to support support to get the information:

  1. WHY was our app disabled?

  2. WHEN it will be enabled again?

But am not getting any clear answers. I am only advised to contact the developer advocacy team (without providing me with a email or phonenumber to contact them) or devforum

Our app is business critical app for our users, and Zoom integration is small, but important part of the whole app.

The integration has been down 8 days now, and our support is filling up with angry users.

We have suffered a significant reputation cost. We are a small business and this may bankrupt us.

Can someone PLEASE help get our app enabled as soon as possible???

Now Zoom sent all our users emails saying the app is again enabled without giving our users any info on what they should now do.

And the all is NOT actually enabled but still giving error to each user.

Our support is filled with users reporting this.

Is there anyone at Zoom who can actually fix this!

And please do not send our users any emails without checking with us first to make sure the content of the email is not causing any more confusion.


Sorry to hear about this experience and I understand your frustration completely. I am happy to help get things sorted out and answer any questions you may have. To begin, please share your support ticket and I will look into this.

Let me know if you have any questions or clarifications.

Thank you!

There is multiple tickets, since the issue is STILL not fixed. (#16950973)

Questions that need a clear answer:

  1. When will Coaching WRX app be enabled again?

2) How will zoom make sure this will never happen again? Zoom will not disconnect our app, and will not send our users emails about our app without discussing with me first!
3) How will Zoom compensate for the direct costs and reputation damages caused due to this?
4) How will Zoom evaluate and fix the customer support process. It is unbelievable how difficult it has been for me to get help. The app (business critical to our users) has not been fully functioning due to this for 10 days!


I’ve reviewed the ticket, and here is what I found. Please see my comments below:

It appears that the developers/admin of the app have resubmitted it and it is currently being reviewed. Once the app review is complete and any issues are addressed, the app will be re-enabled. To ensure you get all important messages from the Zoom Marketplace Security team, it is recommended to list all relevant email addresses in the Marketplace App as points of contact.

It looks like this situation occurred as a result of the developer’s email not being up to day. It is important to note that it is the developer’s responsibility to maintain accurate contact information, including their email address. In many cases, apps are not updated after their initial publication, leading to outdated contact information for the developer. This can occur for various reasons, such as the app being developed by a separate third party, the employee no longer being with the company, or the email being deprecated in favor of alternative contact methods.

See response above

Please let us know if you have any questions or clarifications about this.

Since this is business critical for our users and being disabled is causing us huge reputation damages AND the app has been enable for years and we have not done any changes, could I kindly ask you to enable the app right now and complete the review after? If there is any concerns in your review we are happy to address them.



Thank you for getting back to me. I understand the frustration. However, Currently, there is no path to bypass the security review process. The fastest way forward is to work with the Marketplace Security review team to address all concerns outlined. Once all concerns are taken care of, the app will be enabled.

Can you share what the concern in. There has been no security concern for the past years. Our security is audited by 3rd party as well. What is the concern now?



The concern will be provided by the Marketplace Specialist reviewing your application. Please continue to work with the Marketplace Security review team to address all concerns outlined by the app reviewer.