What to do when in app review team or email support non-responsive

Good day, hope this message finds you well.

Please provide as many alternate support contact links, emails, or numbers you may have that actually work or have worked in the past. Thank you.

There seems to be a malfunction or error in the zoom app marketplace, in particular, the notes messaging application inside the website. I received a zoom technician requesting additional information required from me asking this:

“My observation is that the Zoom App just redirects a user to install your chrome extension. Secondly none of your redirect urls actually install the App at the moment. I would like to get a further explanation on the purpose and functionality of this App. I’m struggling to understand what the possible function that this will add to the marketplace, please provide any explanation that you can to help me understand.”

I replied to them more then once in message thread as well as I have replied to this email: integration.testers@zoom.us with a Very detailed answer.

the question from them is odd as inside the zoom app iframe window ALL redirect or opening external windows is blocked and it is IMPOSSIBLE to even Signin to ANY of the zoom iframe embedded windows which is mandatory in order to install any browser extension.

Either way, the main issue is that for well over 3months now there has been zero response back from in app or email messaging. It’s like the links are dead.

Anyone that has alternate contact support options please let me know.

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Thank you.

Hi @GreggBlazer
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Could you please share with me the name of your app, so I can reach out to the Marketplace team and inquire about the status of your app