Disabling setLightAdaptionModel doesn't work

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Which macOS Meeting SDK version?
SDK v5.14.6.17875
MacOS 13.4.1

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Turn on low light adjustment, using ‘Auto’ as parameter and the current level value from getLightAdaptionManualValue
  2. Turn off low light adjustment, using ‘None’ as parameter and level = 0
  3. Query current level and model with getLightAdaptionManualValue and getLightAdjustModel

These return ‘Auto’ and ‘0’

It should return ‘None’ and ‘0’

Additionally, I can see that the video is not altered while toggling this setting back and forth. The official Zoom app works - you can see the light adjustment being applied and unapplied while toggling the setting.

I can reset these settings by deleting settings for my app in the folder “/Users/myname/Library/Application Support”

Then I can see the video change from light-adjustment disabled to light-adjustment enabled. But there is no way to then disable this without deleting those settings again.

I do not receive any error codes

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Apple MacBook Pro (13-inch, M1)

Additional context

@IBAction func adjustForLowLightButtonAction(_ sender: NSButton) {
        let shouldAdjustForLowLight = sender.state == .on ? true : false
        guard let videoSettingService = ZoomSDK.shared().getSettingService().getVideoSetting() else {
        let currentLevel = videoSettingService.getLightAdaptionManualValue()
        var lightModel: ZoomSDKSettingVideoLightAdaptionModel
        var newLevel: Int32
        if shouldAdjustForLowLight {
            lightModel = ZoomSDKSettingVideoLightAdaptionModel_Auto
            newLevel = currentLevel
        } else {
            lightModel = ZoomSDKSettingVideoLightAdaptionModel_None
            newLevel = 0
        let zError = videoSettingService.setLightAdaptionModel(lightModel,
                                                               lightAdaptionManualValue: newLevel)
        if (zError != ZoomSDKError_Success) {
            // No error

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