Macos SDK, meetinglocked

I have some issues:
In a meeting,how a participant know it when the host locked the meeting.
In MacOS SDK,how a host “setMuteAudioWhenJoinMeeting” just like in MobileRTC.framework.

I use

[[[[ZoomSDK sharedSDK] getSettingService] getAudioSetting] enableMuteMicJoinVoip:YES];

but it doesn`t work

how a host spotlight others video,just like in MobileRTC.framework

  • (BOOL)spotlightVideo:(BOOL)on withUser:(NSUInteger)userId;
  1. One participant already in the meeting will not be notified when the host locked meeting, only the one who is join the meeting, will receive the callback delegate “- (void)onMeetingStatusChange:(ZoomSDKMeetingStatus)state meetingError:(ZoomSDKMeetingError)error EndReason:(EndMeetingReason)reason” with param error is ‘ZoomSDKMeetingError_MeetingLocked’.

2.’- (ZoomSDKError)enableMuteMicJoinVoip:(BOOL)enable’ is the right api, you need call this before start/join meeting, also this is only can work when you are using computer audio. What do you mean it’s doesn’t work?

3.’- (ZoomSDKError)actionMeetingWithCmd:(ActionMeetingCmd)cmd userID:(unsigned int)userID onScreen:(ScreenType)screen’ with param cmd is ‘ActionMeetingCmd_SpotlightVideo’.

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thanks for your apply

Thanks for your reply Derain.