Discrepancies in Allowed Roles for Zoom Apps SDK APIs

Hello. Since Zoom Apps have been launched for iOS, I have a Zoom App for which I want to enable support for mobile interfaces. For this i was going through some resources and documentation and I found some contradicting information.


These are the two resources I’m referring to here.

So for example, the JS SDK docs say that the onParticipantChange event is only available for the role meeting owner whereas the iOS supported API document says that it’s available for owner, co-host and participant. Same goes for getMeetingContext and getMeetingJoinUrl

Similarly the iOS related doc says that the onMeeting event is unavailable for all roles.

These APIs/Events are pretty critical to the app’s flows so it’d be great if anyone can provide any information on this or point me in the right direction if there’s anything I’m missing out here.

we are aware of onMeeting support missing for iOS and we will be releasing support in our next release (next month).

In terms of the discrepancies with roles, the developer should use the JS SDK docs as the source of truth. The iOS support article needs to be updated to reflect the proper roles.