Discrepancy in API response

We utilize a webhook to capture the meeting ended event. After receiving the event, we use the following API to retrieve participant information.

API : https://api.zoom.us/v2/past_meetings/4k8lm029StO8doseD/imyw==/participants
UUID : 4k8lm029StO8doseD/imyw==

For the above UUID, we received 0 duration for user_id 16794624 at 26-12-2023 15:44:02:668 PST. Please refer below,


However, upon reattempting the above API, we now retrieved a duration of 2718 for the same user_id 16794624.
“id”: “”,
“user_id”: “16794624”,
“name”: “****”,
“user_email”: “”,
“join_time”: “2023-12-26T22:59:06Z”,
“leave_time”: “2023-12-26T23:44:24Z”,
“duration”: 2718,
“registrant_id”: “”,
“failover”: false,
“status”: “in_meeting”

What is the reason behind this inconsistency? The same issue occurred in following meetings as well.


Hi @balaji.santhanam , for the first query after receiving the event, is it relatively immediately after? If so, there may just be a delay from the servers and not accurately reflecting the duration.

Please provide more detail about the timing of the requests.

Hi Gianni,

Today, we encountered the same issue in nine meetings. Sample meeting details are provided below.

UUID : giYU5YYQTVSzak9zgD0bhg==
Webhook end event received Time :28-12-2023 17:10:20:664 PST

API : https://api.zoom.us/v2/past_meetings/giYU5YYQTVSzak9zgD0bhg==/participants
API called time : 28-12-2023 17:10:21:176 PST
API Responce received : 28-12-2023 17:10:21:495 PST

This issue is impacting our billing, so please prioritize its resolution and provide a solution.

Hi @balaji.santhanam

It’s likely due to my earlier statement–there may be a delay in data accuracy from server.

If you’re a premier developer support customer, you may receive faster resolution here by opening a ticket: Zoom Developer Docs

If you do not have PDS, please remain patient and send me the following via the private message:

  • client id associated with API requests
  • developer email/contact email associated with the app and for support correspondence
  • full API request/response data and/or screenshots
  • webhook ids
  • meeting ids

I will then open a ticket on your behalf. Thanks :slight_smile: