Zoom /v2/report/meetings/{uuid}/participants showing wrong results

For a meeting with id 82131504603, there were 2 participants. Each have attended for some time, totally for 61 minutes. for participant Laxmi Narayana Tutor, duration is shown as 0 seconds.
“name”: “Laxmi Narayana Tutor”,
“user_email”: “m+4551754@urbanpro.com”,
“join_time”: “2021-02-21T13:37:07Z”,
“leave_time”: “2021-02-21T13:37:07Z”,
“duration”: 0,
“attentiveness_score”: “”

But the recordings show that this participant was present. Please look into this.

Hi @karthik.rt,

Thank you for reporting this—this looks like a bug and I’ve shared these details with our engineering team. (ZOOM-249239)

Thanks, and I’ll be in touch,