Display DPI and other information in the window title bar

Some other information is displayed on my window, I don’t know why

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?


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I don’t know how this came about or how to solve it

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  • OS: [e.g. Windows 10]

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Can maintenance personnel take a look

Hi @jiedesheng0525 ,

Can you please confirm if you’re seeing this with the sample app?


We have similar issue when using c# wrapper. Please suggest how this can be resolved.

Thank You

We’re also facing this issue. This is blocking us. Any updates?

Hi @adminwise @ravi8x can you please confirm SDK versions?

Hi @gianni.zoom

The SDK version is

Thank You

Thanks so much @ravi8x , will inquire further with our team.

@gianni.zoom If you have the results, please reply here. Thank you

Any update on this? This is critical for us.

Apologies for the delay, we have a slight backlog, will follow up.