Do *not* display primary meeting window / only gather raw data

I apologize if this is duplicating a question in some way but I need to get a rock solid confirmation that I’m not missing something obvious –

Is it possible in the electron SDK to simply not display the actual meeting window (with mic + camera etc) yet have everything else behave exactly the same?

I want to join the meeting with the exact same flow as exists currently, but simply, when clicking the final login button, have only the inmeeting window display and not the primary meeting window.

Better yet I’d just like to access the raw data exclusively without having to even silently render the main meeting window.

I’ve tried hiding it in a number of different ways and am baffled to find that no matter what the meeting window persists so I’m wondering if I’m missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Rossi,

Thanks for the post. For the current Electron SDK, it is not possible to not display the meeting window.

Hope this helps. Thanks!