Do recording's play_url and download_url expire?

Hi, I have some questions about the play_url and download_url of recordings.

When I call GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings, I receive play_url and download_url of the recording.
But, I’ve noticed that the URLs keep changing every time.

Does that mean the URLs have lifespans? If so, should I get new fresh URLs whenever I want to play or download the recordings?
And I also wonder why the URLs keep changing in the first place.


Hi !
Thanks for reaching out to us!
Yes, those expire after 24 hours

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Thanks for your response.

Wow, I’m surprised that the URLs do expire… So, here is one more question.

Because of the lifespans, It seems that I can’t store the URLs in my database and reuse them later. But, I want to access the recordings of finished meetings after their meetingIds are expired.

Can I store the UUIDs of the finished meetings (the IDs of past meeting instances) in my database and use them to query new play_url and download_url, so I can play and download the old recordings after a couple of years?


Hi @hyw793
Thank you!
I apologize, I meant to say that the download_token that you receive with the recording. completed event expires.
Not the play_url, nor the download, but they do change everytime you query a new one using our API

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Hi @elisa.zoom
Thanks for your response again.

I’m glad to hear that because I don’t have to change my business logic. LOL

I’ll select your last response as the solution.

Thanks @hyw793
I got confused with the fields, but glad this was helpful!