Do super admin and admin have permission to generate JWT token separately

I have a Licenced zoom account. I have integrated zoom with zoho calendar now in admins calendar the events of super admin are showing.

On admins calendar the events of super admin are showing.

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?
I used JWT token .Super admin generated JWT token for the admin.

Hi @saira,

I’m not familiar with Zoho calendar, but only one set of JWT credentials is allowed per account. If you’re using the same JWT credentials in the integration, you will be able to see everyone on the account’s information because JWT is a master key.

Is there an option to use OAuth for the integration?


So, you mean to say that on a single paid account only the super admin has rights to create JWT token and all the users (lets says admin or other) of that account will use that JWT token they cannot generate separately one for themselves. And the problem which I’m facing is due to this reason that there is only one JWT token which is shared among all the zoom account users.

Yes OAuth is a good option but I was facing an issue with its refresh token it was generating new refresh token everytime so I was not able to fetch once and user it every time. Do you have solution for this issue.

Hi Saira,

Let me clarify with the following:

Individual admin can go to the marketplace and create their own JWT app for their specific accounts, but the master/enterprise account (or super admin) has access to all accounts underneath the organization. I hope this makes more sense.

You should not experience this issue. The refresh token should work. What error are you seeing?


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