Do you need a Pro account or above to use Web SDK in app?

I setup a JWT app in my Free developer account to test the Web SDK for a client project. I just saw this page about needing Pro account or above:

In order for my client to use the Web SDK in their app, do I need to make sure they have at least a Pro account and to setup the JWT from their Developer account?

Will this not work from the free dev account?

The app I setup shows “Intent to publish: No” does this mean this is just for testing because it’s on a Free account?

Just need to clarify so I can make sure it keeps working.


Hi @jinsley8,
Thank you for posting and using the Developer Forum. Please see the responses to your inquiries below:

To host meetings with the Web SDK, the developer must have a Pro or higher plan.

Only users in the same Zoom account will be able to use “private” / “intent to publish: no” apps.

If you want all Zoom users (in and outside of your Zoom account) to be able to connect their Zoom account to your website, you must publish your app to the App Marketplace.

Here is how to change your publication state:

Please let me know if this helps.


Is there a tutorial on creating a public App that allows all Zoom users to connect to the app?

Hi @jfuhr,

For more information about getting stated with our API and Client SDKs, you may visit our help documentation below:

  1. Build an App

  2. Developer Accounts

  3. API documentation

  4. SDK documentation

Please let me know if this helps.


Thanks @donte.S

If I’m setting up a Zoom app that only users within a web app can use, is this still considered private?

Hey @jinsley8 ,

Can you explain your use case here so I can make the best suggestion? :slight_smile:


Is there a limitation on what accounts can use the dev app?

I’m currently on a free account to test and the app I setup is on this free account.

I can view meetings in my React app with the Web SDK no problem if I setup a meeting from my free Zoom account.

If I tried to use a meeting URL from a different paid Zoom account i get a error “Joining Meeting Timeout”

Just wondering if this is a limitation with a free dev account that you can only use meetings URLs from that same account

Hey @jinsley8,

I just responded to your forum post but the information you provided here helped to find the solution.

With the Web SDK, you can only host/join meetings that are from the same account as your JWT credentials. If you want to host/join meetings from your other account, you’ll want to use the JWT credentials for that account.

Let me know if that helps.


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