Documentation URL - Can it be a private page

Hello Zoom team,

I’m currently reviewing several part of our app submission and while the required content of the documentation URL page is pretty clear so far, whether it must be a public page, or whether we can protect it with an account access is not defined.

The Zoom app we are trying to submit will anyway require an authentication to our services and the same authentication will permit to view the given page.

Can the documentation page be protected behind own services authentication?

Thanks a lot for your answer!

I’ll go ahead and send this question to our marketplace team who can answer this question.

Hello @yohann.ferreira Thank you for your question.

It depends we can make an exception for that but you would need to provide reasoning for why it needs to be configured that way. Please provide us a Login where we can review the documentation URL and confirm it meets our standards too. If that cannot be be provided you can also provide a PDF of the page so we can review it too.

Please remember documentation URLs musts contain the following

INformation on how to connect you integration

Brief Usage instructions

Removal instructions

Regards, Kwaku