Questions For Publication Requirements For Unlisted App

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So I am in the possess of publishing a Zoom app for a client. It will be a purely internal app that will not be publically available, yet it needs to be able to join meetings from external accounts, hence the need for publication. I will be publishing it as an unlisted app, with no intention of ever making it public, as the app is the company’s trade secret.

  1. I wanted to hear if there are the same security and privacy requirements for unlisted apps, as for public apps.

  2. What is the time estimate to get the app reviewed, as we really need things to move a bit quickly?

  3. What can we do to speed up the review process?

  4. For any emails concerning the publication and review process, will all of the emails be sent to the developer’s contact email or the email tied to the account?

Also need this too @noahviktorschenk, I have been hit with assumptions from ZOOM and they think I am publishing a marketplace listed app which is incorrect.


I still really need an answer to these questions…

@yoon.conner thoughts?

@noahviktorschenk @kaitlynnst

Yes, even for unlisted apps, you must meet the same security and privacy requirements as public apps. Make sure to mark your app as Unlisted during the publishing process: Unlisted Apps.

Please refer to the app review requirements here: App Submission Checklist.

The review process typically takes up to 72 hours, but completing your submission thoroughly can expedite this. You can monitor the review status here: Check Review Status.

Emails will be sent to the developer’s contact email, so ensure this is accurate and monitored: Monitored Email Inbox.

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