Does my app needs to be on zoom marketplace if we just want to fetch user Room ID

we are developing a platform where users schedule their appointments, where users set their zoom room ID as a location to meet.
Anyways to have the process automated (we auth user on zoom and fetch his zoom room ID) its required to have our platform integrated with zoom, and our developer teams have finished the integration. but it says that we have to have our app published into zoom market place which requires a lot of conditions and procedures to meet.

We don’t want our app to be listed on zoom marketplace, simply we just want users to auth our platform where then they can have their zoom room ID fetched to set it as the location for the meeting

kindly advise how we can make this process smooth -as it says our App is rejected for reasons we don’t even need

Hello @grandcalendar Most of the time, Publishing means we would like to interact with users outside of your Zoom Account. If you are comfortable only interacting with the users located on your Zoom account then no problem no need for publishing.

When your App is rejected we always provide notes, we will never reject your App and not provide detailed explanations its your choice if you want to go through them or not.

Regards, Kwaku