Does oauth2 authentication mode necessarily need to add apps to the zoom market

Zoom reminds us that the email account login method on November 5 will be cancelled in the zoom meeting sdk. Now we use the recommended oauth2 method to obtain the ZAK, so as to start the non login meeting. The question is:

The token is obtained in the development environment, but the fixed meeting number of the personal zoom of the development account must be entered when the meeting is started. This fixed meeting number mode restricts our applications to be tested only among developers, not delivered to customers.

According to the official guidance document, we want to know whether our app needs to join the market of Zoom. As long as our app joins the zoom market, The other Zoom users can follow their own user ID and password in our program ,And get their own token? And can we further obtain the meeting number of the user to start the meeting, or can we start an instant meeting without entering the meeting number?

Hey @lasmarthomedev,

Not exactly sure if I understand your question correctly. Once you obtain the logged-in user’s access token, you can easily retrieve their details, including their own user ID and PMI (personal meeting ID) by sending a GET request to “” to start an instant meeting of their own along with their ZAK token. You do not need the passcode for this. If no PMI is provided, Zoom will automatically generate a new meeting ID for the user.

Thank you.

Thank Boon Jun Tan for your reply. Maybe we didn’t describe it clearly. Our current problem is to call the startMeetingRestApiWithoutLoginUser function through non login:
After obtaining the access token through the client id and client secrect of the zoom app, we want to obtain zak for other registered users of the zoom. Is this allowed (Because we want users using our app to start the meeting with their own user IDs)? If allowed, Should I call this function directly {other zoom username}/token? Type=zak? @boonjun.tan

Hi @lasmarthomedev,

Thanks for your explaination. :slight_smile:

In order to start an instant meeting, you are required to have the user’s ZAK token. Upon the user signing in, you will actually get their access token which you will use to exchange for their ZAK token. You can also start meeting on someone else behalf by using their ZAK token but do take note that the API “ {other zoom username}/token? Type=zak?” are only allowed by Admin or Owner level role under the same account - admin > user management. If a member role was to access that API, they will actually get “no permission” when you call that API.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply. Today we have been testing according to your instructions. Currently our test results are as follows:

  1. After adding a new user to the user management of our (the other party has confirmed by email),
  2. We can get the user’s zak through “{other zoom username}/token? Type=zak?”,
  3. And have changed the meeting number parameter to the user’s personal meeting number.
  4. But after executing startMeetingRestApiWithoutLoginUser,
    the system always prompts for a username and password, and the meeting cannot be started regardless of any username and password entered.

We use Meeting SDK version: v5.12.2.4959 and the development tool: objective-c

Two screenshots,

  1. one is to start the conference program interface,
  2. the other is the error interface



Based on the code screenshot provided, can I check if these information user.meetingNumber, user.userID and user.zak belongs to the newly added user that is under your user management?

If the user doesn’t belong to your Zoom account and upon using the user’s ZAK token, Zoom will always ask for a password.

Thanks @boonjun.tan . It’s OK. Sorry we entered the wrong parameters when we got the zak.
In addition, I would like to ask whether it is possible to obtain other users own zak without our user management, just by entering their user name and password

Hi @lasmarthomedev,

I’m glad you got the correct ZAK token now. In order to retrieve other users’ ZAK tokens, only the owner and admin are allowed to do so and these users have to be under the same user management page.

Thank you.

Thanks @boonjun.tan
Your guidance is very useful to me
In addition, I want to know whether we can use password authorization instead of code authorization when obtaining tokens. Because our App systems are developed by ourselves, code authorization requires user interaction interface, which is inconvenient, but we tested“ ", Postman return " unsupported grant type“

Hi @lasmarthomedev,

Sorry that grant_type does not work. I suggest using our PKCE setup for iOS guide and in that case, your users can also key in their user name and password.

Thank you.

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