Oauth2 authentication mode necessarily need to add apps to the zoom market

Zoom reminds us that the email account login method on November 5 will be cancelled in the zoom meeting sdk. Now we use the recommended oauth2 method to obtain the ZAK, so as to start the non login meeting. The question is:

The token is obtained in the development environment, but the fixed meeting number of the personal zoom of the development account must be entered when the meeting is started. This fixed meeting number mode restricts our applications to be tested only among developers, not delivered to customers.

According to the official guidance document, we want to know whether our app needs to join the market of Zoom. As long as our app joins the zoom market, The other Zoom users can follow their own user ID and password in our program ,And get their own token? And can we further obtain the meeting number of the user to start the meeting, or can we start an instant meeting without entering the meeting number?

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