Does Zoom API support chunking for recording downloads?


GET /meetings/{meetingId}/recordings


RPA services like and MS Power Automate have max message size limits. Most of our cloud recording files are going to exceed this limit. For PowerAuto, the HTTP connector allows for enabling chunking, which pushes the total message size limit to 1GB from 100MB. Our Make account is limited to 500MB. 1GB would probably fulfill our requirement.

We are trying to use the ‘download_url’ returned from this endpoint to save our recordings to MS SharePoint. The call to ‘download_url’ redirects our request to another site (returns ‘Location’), which we then call using no headers (auth/token info is included in the ‘Location’ URI). Does the Zoom API support chunking, and how would I form the GET request to specify chunking? Again, we are calling this endpoint using Make / MS PowerAutomate, so there are some limitations to how those services can handle responses.