Does zoom records my presence?

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I am having to attendance a class at the zoom, which is the tool the university choose to stream the classes. I was not able to download zoom at Linux, but since there is the option to use it on browser, i decided that is not in fact necessary to download it and choose to go on the nagivater itself.

The problem is that the professor is getting attendance list of the people that goes to his classes. Everytime i enter the meeting zoom, i enter it using my account, but when the zoom meeting ends and i click to left the meeting, i realize that my “Icon” on the top left at the browser is not there, in fact, when i click there shows that i am not logged anymore.

I want to know if this is normal, and in his attendance class will be my name there, since i was watching the meeting logged, or if there is some risk that the attendance list downloaded by the zoom is not containig my name because of that?

I am usin google chrome.

Hey @lucas4ssssss33,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. When using the Web Client, the email isn’t passed to the backend as it is when using the standard Zoom Client. I recommend using the Zoom Client if possible.

What issues are you having running the Linux Client? What distro at what version are you using? Are you installing via our website or a community-driven package repository like AUR?


Hello, thank you by the reply. I think the main problem is that i am not still so accostumated to the linux operational system, so it is more about a non perfect knowlodge how to install things on it than a problem with zoom itself probably.

You said that the email is not passed as the backend while using the Web Browser, even if i am logged? So that’s means i am not appearing in the attendance list? Oh that’s gonna cause a lot of problem :confused:

I can try to install it now, but i didn’t know that. Is there a way to prove so that i was at the lectures?

I think there is no way expect you raised question in zoom class, That prove your presence.

Hey @lucas4ssssss33,

I have tons of experience with Linux, I’m happy to help! What distribution of Linux do you have installed (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, etc.)?

In general, there are many ways to install software on Linux and the best method can vary depending on what type of Linux you’re using.

As a good place to start, we have a guide you can follow here to install the Zoom Client:

Let me know if you run into any issues!


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