Domain validation

For domains which do not pass the initial Marketplace domain checks, we’re happy to verify the domain through a TXT record.

If, for a number of reasons, you’re not able to submit your domain for validation through the app build process, please create a support ticket at with details on your app and we’ll send over some next steps.

In that ticket, we’ll ask that you please confirm the following:

  • App Name
  • Development Client ID
  • Email Address of App Owner
  • Domain Name

We’ll also ask you to provide the following links (If you do not have these ready, please provide the domain name that they would belong to):

  • Privacy Policy URL
  • Terms of Use URL
  • Support URL
  • Documentation URL
  • Configure URL(Optional)
  • Endpoint URL for De-Authorization

Then we’ll send the details of what to add at this TXT record.

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Please provide a support email id for domain validation. I am not able to raise the ticket.

You can contact our Customer Support Team through the link provided. Unfortunately, they don’t have a separate email that we can send.

Let me know if that helps.