Double Click Required on Zoom WebSDK Icons in WebView

Hello Support Team,

I am integrating the Zoom WebSDK within a mobile WebView and encountering an issue where users must tap all interface icons (e.g., mute/unmute, video on/off) twice to activate them. This issue significantly affects the user experience, as users expect these actions to respond to a single tap.


  • Platform: Mobile WebView
  • Issue: All icons require two taps to activate
  • Expected Behavior: Icons should respond to a single tap
  • Current Behavior: Icons require a double tap to perform the intended action

To help illustrate the problem, we have attached screenshots demonstrating the issue.

Please provide guidance or a solution to ensure that the icons within the Zoom WebSDK respond to a single tap when used in a mobile WebView.

@chunsiong.zoom Can you please help here?

@naina.rani what web SDK version is this?

Hi Chun,
I’m using meeting sdk version 3.6.1

@chunsiong.zoom We are using meeting sdk version 3.6.1

@naina.rani have you followed this guide yet?

adding android as well

@chunsiong.zoom We’ve already implemented these guidelines in our code and successfully opened the Zoom meeting SDK in our webview (both iOS and Android). However, we’re encountering an issue where all icons must be clicked twice to function properly. The icon gains focus on the first click, and it performs its intended action on the second click.