Zoom App double click in collaborate mode

Hi, my zoom application is using a double-click to select items on a board, however, once we enter into collaborate mode, I think the zoom client is receiving the double-click, goes full screen, and lets you ESC to exit.

Is there any way to prevent this? So we can handle double-click the way we normally do?

I have tried this with no luck:


Has anyone at Zoom had a chance to look at this one?

  1. I have noticed that this only happens in Collaborate Mode
  2. I have reproduced it with the ZoomApp Sample by starting a call and double clicking on Welcome

I would really like to suppress this and it is becoming a blocker for us submitting to the store.
It must be possible, I see at least one other app that doesn’t do this.


Sorry for the delay getting back to you. I think it’s important to have those override for the Zoom Client. I’ll work with our team to see if this is something we can add in the near future.

CC @evgeny.balashov

Thanks, eventually we got the preventDefault and stopPropagation working once we got it in the right spots in our app.

Overall things are running pretty well, we think we are about 2 weeks away from submitting to the Zoom store. (we are also creating apps for Teams, Slack and Zapier at the same time, so been busy!)