Download of Closed Captions through Zoom API is returning a html page

I was able to make a successful connection to Zoom API to download Cloud recordings of meetings. I was able to successfully download the video and audio files of the recording. I was able to download the closed captions of the recording as well, but when I open it after the download to local computer, I see a html content. After a. bit of investigation, when I manually got the download URL along with the generated access token and tested it on a browser, it opened zoom webpage which is asking for passcode to see the (closed captions) content of the recording. When I entered the passcode, I was able to download the closed captions and content in it is actually the closed captions this time. So, my inference (and question): Does download of closed caption require a passcode to be provided as well? If so, how do we add that information to the API or the download URL? Any help/info is highly appreciated. Btw, I am using Python to connect to Zoom API. Thank you