Passcode for downloading URL

Which setting triggers the passcode to access the download URL on recording webhooks?

For example,
which we got via webhook is asking for a password.

I tried to reproduce the above by turning on the following setting “Require passcode to access shared cloud recordings” in the following places

But still, the download URL in the webhook does not prompt any password.

can you please let me know, what may be triggering the password for the download URL of recording in webhooks?

We have observed this setting to be somewhat flaky. I was able to download the recordings from the webhook for the first minute and after that prompt was appearing. can you please confirm if this is an issue from your end?


Hi @leenasn,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and good question. Happy to help out.

First, regarding:

But still, the download URL in the webhook does not prompt any password.

I should note that the download_url provided by the Recording Completed webhook should already have an access token appended to the URL, such that you are not required to provide a password to download.

This differs from our Get Meeting Recording endpoint, which requires you to append an access_token of your own to the download URL for password protected recordings.

Can you let me know if this might help explain what you’re seeing? If not, just let me know!


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