Download recorded zoom meeting programmatically

Hi, I am integreting zoom api in client LMS, where we need a functionality to provide recordings to the students as meeting finished, and for this, first that recording should be available on our server (as our cloud storage is limited).

  1. How to download meeting recording programatically from cloud (I have checked few forum threads, but their mentioned references displaying 404 error).
  2. Old examples are using jwt, which is deprecated, then how to download it with Sever to server oath?

@mdfarzan776 Hope you will be fine.

Here is session how to build auto downloader sync for Zoom Cloud Recordings.

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It’s in node js. Do you have any resource for laravel?

I don’t have that ready with Laravel but we can discuss that. Connect me.

Hi @mdfarzan776 ,

Please check out this blog post: Zoom Meeting API querying tips - Download recordings using webhooks

@gianni.zoom Thank you so much.
I was really looking for this way.

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No problem, happy to help!