Download URLS with JWT

When I am trying to format a download URL for a video that requires a password it always seems to fail.
My links look like this.{REDACTED}
My error code is

The token is a JWT that I am just using the zoom marketplace webpage to create

Hi, @Kasey_M,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. Just to clarify, do you see this issue prior to formatting the download URL ? Are you able to test if the same issue is encountered before formatting ? Also, are you seeing this behavior when a passwords is not required?

Looking forward to your response.


Hey @donte.S Donte,

We do not see this issue when passwords are not required. Before formatting the Download URL we end up downloading the HTML page to enter a password.

Hey @Kasey_M ,

Can I ask where you are getting the download link from?

Is it the download_url in our Cloud Recording APIs / webhooks?


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