I couldn't download a video with just the password

My client provided a video display URL and password. I need to download the video to the API, but I couldn’t, since my token doesn’t work for videos from other domains. Only with the password should I be able to download it?

What I have:

  • https: //…/rec/play/HASH and password

What I need:

  • Download the video with this information.

The videos recorded within my organization I can download normally using JWT as follows:

  • https: //…/rec/download/HASH? Access_token = JWT

I can’t download videos outside my domain with just the video url and password

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hey @marcio,

To download the external recording programmatically, you will need to use the OAuth flow, and then attach the users access token to the download recording url.



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