I cannot download the video at the download url

  • I cannot download the video at the download url
    But some videos can be downloaded, some videos can’t be downloaded, in the recording Settings when the choice is to watch the rights to download, this question has been a long struggle for me.What is the fundamental difference between a Shared link and a playback link after recording?I’m not sure. Could you explain the difference?

I’m having the same problem, I can’t download a video that has the url without being logged in. I’ve been doing this for years saving the company’s internal recordings.

Hi @baohanhai & @marcio,

On April 10, password protection was enabled for all accounts using shared cloud recordings.

Authentication can also be required (supported Nov 24, 2019) to access recordings at the account and user level settings.

If a cloud recording has password protection, a JWT token can be used as a query parameter of the download url to authenticate the download.

Example: https://api.zoom.us/recording/download/{ download path }?access_token={ jwt }

@michael.zoom thank you! I just spent at least 12 hours on this until I finally stumbled upon this post. I do not recall seeing any notifications on this change. Should I have received one? I do subscribe to zoom status updates. Is there somewhere else I should subscribe to get important changes to the zoom API or anything that might affect API integrations?


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Thanks @baohanhai!

@John_Pansewicz, this was a product change on April 10 which the API then moved to support. You can subscribe to Zoom’s Release Notes, or the Developer Changelog (all API/Platform changes are included under Web Releases in Release Notes). :slight_smile: