drawParticipant in Camera Mode returning an error

As per the layers documentation in Zoom Apps, I am trying to draw a participant while in camera mode.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start the rendering context in camera mode:
await zoomSdk.runRenderingContext({
    view: 'camera', 
    defaultCutout: 'rectangle'
  1. Attempt to draw the participant, eg:
await zoomSdk.drawParticipant({
    x: '10', y: '10', width: '100', height: '100', zIndex:'1'

This results in the following console error:

Error: The Zoom client encountered an error while processing the request!
ZoomApiError — sdk.es.js:131
(anonymous function) — sdk.es.js:885
(anonymous function) — sdk.es.js:842

Is something missing from the documentation, or is there a bug with this feature?


Please be sure to include the participantUUID paramater in drawParticipant. Thanks:

This can be found in the getUserContext() API.

Thanks! You might want to update the “usage example” on the layers documentation page as it is missing this. Appreciate the help!


Opened a ticket to get this added to the docs for camera mode