Dreaded {"code":3001,"message":"This meeting's details info is not available or ID is not valid."} for meeting UUIDs recevied via meeting.ended event for second account only

Note that, we are able to successfully retrieve further meeting details using the uuid received in the meeting.ended event for our own (UnifySquare) meetings via the V2/metrics/meetings/* REST APIs. But, for our second tenant supported by our account level OAuth Zoom application, we get the dreaded 3001 error with the “This meeting’s details info is not available or ID is not valid”. Note that this happens regardless of whether we specify the past or pastOne parameter in the subsequent V2/metrics/meetings/{meetinguuidhere} REST API. Since the name and account ID of the second tenant is sensitive, I won’t list it here.

Hi @katyle,

Can you please send us these details at developersupport@zoom.us?


Hi Ojus. I’ve sent a summary letter with details to developersupport@zoom.us.

Hi @katyle,

We received your request on our support channel, and I have responded to it.