HDMI sharing automatically ending after content switch


I discovered a problem with the HDMI sharing feature of the Zoom Room software. While it doesn’t pertain specifically to the ZR-CSAPI, it should be a consideration for anyone using it. We’re using a Magewell HDMI Capture for the content input of the Zoom Room, which is fed from a Crestron DM-MD8x8. When I start sharing from our application, everything works fine; however, when I switch which content is being sent to the capture card, the capture card momentarily gets an unknown/unsupported signal. Usually this occurrence is short enough that everything goes as expected, but sometimes the switching takes too long and the Zoom Room software automatically ends the sharing.

Is there any way we could get a toggle for the Zoom Room settings that lets us turn off this functionality (i.e. we can still share even if signal is not detected/IsBlackMagicDataAvailable is false)? It could also be controlled with the current toggle that prevents automatically starting sharing when signal is detected.


Jeff: The Crestron box should be able to switch quickly and glitch-free. Try two things:

  1. Use the Magewell USB Capture Utility V3 to hard-code the EDID so that the Magewell asks for the resolution that is eventually negotiated. It’s probably 1080p at 30 FPS.

  2. There should be a way of configuring the Crestron switcher to hold its source resolutions and HDCP so that the output the the Crestron box is glitch-free.