Duplicate participants on meetings

How can I get the participants who are participating in a meeting?

I need to detect duplicate participants who have entered with the same link or the same zoom account.

Thank you!

Hi @federico.fierro thanks for posting & using Zoom!

Meeting participants can be found in one of three ways:

  1. Subscribing to Participant Joined events through our Webhooks
  2. Querying the Dashboard APIs for Live Meeting Participants
  3. Querying the Report APIs for Meeting Participant Reports after the meeting ends.

Is it possible that attendees can be duplicated on the screen? Example: Can I duplicate my attendees to fill my screen up to make it look like I have a “full class” attending?

Hey @rkauanui,

This is not currently supported. If you’d like, you can add this as a feature request here: zoom.us/feed