Duplicate webhook messages when sending SMS to call queue

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)

Events: SMS Message Received Zoom API Events - Zoom Phone


I’m trying to build an app that forwards SMS messages from a call queue to an email address. I set webhooks to send to my app’s URL when an SMS is received, which then takes the SMS message from the webhook message and forwards them to an associated email address.

I’ve noticed that I sometimes get duplicate events when SMS messages are sent to my call queue. It doesn’t always happen, but it usually does, and it seems to happen more often when sending messages to call queues than to individual numbers. The duplicate messages come in immediately, separately from any additional retries/etc.


No error messages

How To Reproduce
Texting a call queue with the specified event subscription enabled for all users - set for all users because I didn’t see a way to specifically include call queues rather than users.