Issue: Repeated Calls from Webhook Endpoint

Issue: Repeated Calls from Webhook Endpoint


We have configured a webhook, and we are experiencing errors in the calls from the webhook to our services. After the errors occurred, we received a series of repeated calls. We would like to understand if this behavior is due to Zoom’s retransmission system when the endpoint returns an error or not.


We have not received a specific error at this stage. We would like to confirm whether the repeated calls are a feature of Zoom in case the endpoint returns an error.

How To Reproduce

  1. Make a call to our webhook endpoint with a payload that returns an error (e.g., a response code 400).
  2. Check if Zoom attempts to retry the call to our endpoint after the error.
  3. Record the results of the repeated calls and analyze the behavior.

@edenreditalia ,
We did notice a small outage on friday with our webhook events. Maybe these were the events that were missed? Can you confirm though?

We did not encounter any issues on Friday. Could you please confirm if Zoom retries failed calls? We seek confirmation on this matter.

@edenreditalia we did send the events, they were just sent with a delay.