Duration of a meeting is not being sent correctly in Payload

I have a webhook for when a session has ended

I am not receiving an error, just not full data.
The duration should be showing the seconds, minutes, hours of a session.

See payload below:
“webhookTrigger”: {
“payload”: {
“payload”: {

			"object": {
				"**duration": 0,** . 
				"start_time": "2020-07-25T16:11:43Z",
				"timezone": "America/Chicago",
				"end_time": "2020-07-25T16:13:37Z",
				"topic": "Venessa West's Personal Meeting Room",
				"type": 4,
		"event": "meeting.ended"

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
Zoho Flow

Hey @venessa,

Is this an instant meeting by any chance? If so, the duration will show as zero since it never had a scheduled duration.


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