Meeting.ended webhook duration is zero but meeting was 25 minutes long

This webhook we received describes a meeting which lasted about 25 minutes, but the duration property is zero. I was the host of this meeting and it had several participants, and the start_time and end_time properties are correct. Is this a bug?

    "event": "meeting.ended",
    "payload": {
    "event_ts": 1631713708792

Hi @jelder,

This looks like a bug—thanks for sharing this. We are looking into it for you (ZOOM-309882).

Thanks, and I’ll follow up here shortly,

Hi @jelder,

Thanks for your patience while I looked into this with our Engineering team.

As it turns out, by design, the value of duration in our meeting ended webhook comes from the value of duration which was set for the scheduled meeting—in this instance, the meeting is a PMI (Personal Meeting ID) meeting, where the default duration time is always 0.

While this is expected behavior at the moment, let me know if you have questions about this.


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