"duration" reported in meeting.ended webhook HUGE

Occasionally, I’ll get a single- or double-digit duration value from the meeting.ended webhook. But for more often I’ll get a number like “1515878990” or “1732540226”… If I check the “past_meetings” API, I get a reasonable number… but it doesn’t seem like that should be necessary.

I can provide meeting UUIDs over private message if helpful…

Hey @ryan3,

Can you send me the full webhook payload in a private message so I can debug?



I’m having such problem with my meeting.created webhook event notifications. duration is huge, but also negative values happen.

As I see, all meetings having “strange” duration are of Instant (1) type.

Hey @ilia.krendelev,

The duration field in the meeting.ended webhook is the duration you scheduled the meeting for, not how long the meeting ran. For instant meetings, the duration is the time limit one can host a meeting for.