Electron Raw SDK in demo doesn't work, and produces a strange unrelated error

Currently you join a meeting and initialize it to subscribe to raw streams, but the raw stream demo is broken.

Unfortunately I cannot attach screenshots, but the response of the zoomRawData.Subscribe call is ‘13’ @

This is confusing because it is passing in ZoomSDKRawDataType.RAW_DATA_TYPE_VIDEO, and the if statement is looking for SDKRawDataError_NO_VIDEO_DATA or SDKRawDataError_SUCCESS.

Instead it seems to get SDKRawDataError_NO_SHARE_DATA: 13, which is associated with screen sharing I believe and not RAW_DATA_TYPE_VIDEO…

I definitely can see video from the other user through the native Zoom conference window.

It seems this issue was posted before, but maybe without specific details?

Has anyone else been able to subscribe to raw video and audio data with the Zoom Meeting SDK with Electron on macOS?

Also, out of curiosity, in my scenario when I select raw the native Zoom window pops up… Is this intended, or is it meant to perform the meeting entirely inside Electron?

Which Electron Meeting SDK version?
I’ve tested on both SDK versions: & zoom-sdk-electron-, and they both behave identically.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Launch the SDK with npm run electron:serve
  2. Connect to a meeting using any method.
  3. Exit the meeting, and from the SDK Zoom screen, click the dropdown on Join Meeting, and click “With Rawdata”
  4. Click the “Join Meeting” button, and fill in the meeting details.
  5. Attempt to subscribe to raw video or audio for any of the available users, and note that an error is produced.

I’m not allowed to attach media apparently, but I have a screenshot demonstrating the above behavior.

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: (Macbook Pro 14-inch 2021)

  • OS: macOS Monterey 12.6.7

Here are some more details:

The ZoomSDKError result of the following call is 21:

                ZoomSDKError ret = [render subscribe:userId rawDataType:ZoomMapRawDataType(type)];

It’s translated into a ZNSDKError of 13 here:


Which I think is probably just the default value above :point_up:


		err = _g_native_wrap.GetRawAPIWrap().Subscribe(_zn_userid, _zn_rawdataType, _zn_recv_handle);

So the error result here is 13, which is naively cast into a SDKRawDataError which doesn’t match its current type.

The parameters to _g_native_wrap.GetRawAPIWrap().Subscribe look correct, I printed them with the following:

		printf("subscribe userid:%d, rawdatatype:%d, recvhandle:%lld\n", _zn_userid, _zn_rawdataType, _zn_recv_handle);

And it matches to parameters of a correct userId, a ZNZoomSDKRawDataType of ZNRAW_DATA_TYPE_VIDEO, and a recvhandle of 3. I’ve tried different recvhandles as well:

subscribe userid:16778240, rawdatatype:0, recvhandle:3

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