Electron SDK: SpotlightVideo not working

The following method is not working when called on other participants as a Host:

  • zoomvideo.MeetingVideo_SpotlightVideo({ bSpotlight: true, userid: <id> })

Which version?
Latest Electron SDK v5.4.54802.0124 (running in macOS Big Sur)

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Download, build and run Zoom SDK Electron Demo in macOS Big Sur.
  2. Join a meeting without login.
  3. Test zoomaudio.MeetingVideo_SpotlightVideo with different User IDs.
  4. Nothing happens and number 2 is always returned by the function, which seems to be SDKERR_WRONG_USEAGE.

Additional context
While I can manually spotlight video of any user through the original Zoom client, SDK’s zoomvideo.MeetingVideo_SpotlightVideo function won’t work.

Thank you so much for your help in advance as well as for the effort of providing a way for us to make useful features through SDKs!

Hi @desko27,

Is the user that you are trying to pin broadcasting video?
Only users who are broadcasting video can be pinned.


Yes, all the users are broadcasting video. This is tested in a meeting with 5 users who are broadcasting video. I can spotlight them from the Zoom client, but not programatically.

Any updates on this? It seems like there is an issue somewhere in the SDK and I cannot proceed adding a useful feature to our software without MeetingVideo_SpotlightVideo working properly.


Hey @desko27,

Thanks for using the dev forum! SpotlightVideo now only works in the default Zoom UI. Are you using the default meeting UI or a custom meeting UI?


HI I am trying to spotlight and or pin using
the sample demo and it keeps returning error number 2
any ideas why ?

getting the same issue. using the demo so with the standard/ default Zoom UI.

@Michael_Condon any chance of helping us out on this ? thanks

It happened with me 2 months ago and it’ll automatically fixed. I am still wonder how

I tried again and again even on different machines still not working … what is your set up ?

i want a spotligtht video on tile floors topic. i need to sent it to students. we are facing too problems in covid-19

i want a spotligtht video on tile floors 1 topic. i need to sent it to students. we are facing too problems in covid-19

Er sorry you lost me