Electron sdk as an npm package

Do I understand correctly that the only way to use electron SDK is to clone a git repo and use it as a local copy? So In that case how to be in sync with new updates? Manually watch by the repo and download new files? Not very efficient.
Also as I see from the demo app that I have to copy the build files manually into the electron module. Sorry, but WHAT? I’m not from electron wold, maybe it’s a common practice there but looks weird.
Do you have any plan to deliver it as an npm package? Are they any difficulties or issues for having it done? Thanks


Hi @iMykola,

Thanks for the feedback. I will forward your feedback to the engineering team.

Hi @Carson_Chen!
Thanks for your replay!

If you need any help with the packaging I’m happy to join to discussion/development/testing

Kind regards

Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

+1 for npm Package for SDK.

@iMykola have you create the npm package for sdk ?

Hi @geekvijay
No, I didn’t work on that

there is no npm package :sweat_smile: