Email not saving in Meeting Participants Report

Using Web Client SDK 2.3.0

When passing in an email in the ZoomMtg.join() method, it does not show up in my reports after the meeting.

Also, where can I see customerKey in the reports?

        meetingNumber: meetingNumber,
        userName: userName,
        userEmail: userEmail,
        passWord: password,
        customerKey: 'gthr',
        apiKey: apiKey,
        signature: signature,
        success: function(res){
        error: function(res){
            console.log("Join Meeting Error: ", res);

Hi, @ckarpyszyn,

Can you share which report you do not see emails? Zoom will no longer display email addresses for users flagged as guests in Zoom API responses as of March 01, 2022. See the announcement posted here :