Embedding a certain Zoom attendee video into a power point presentation


I have a powerpoint presentation that I will be using during a Zoom meeting.

On one of the presentation’s slides, there will be three boxes that will display at once three Zoom attendees. For example, on the slide of Group Presentation: Budget Proposal, I will have the screens of Zak, Sally and Matt on that slide. That will give the effect of real-life meetings where group members will stand in front of the room to deliver their report.

I was wondering if such a feature already is available in Zoom.

If not, I have already seen an option of embedding live streaming video into PowerPoint from this tutorial: https://www.techwalla.com/articles/how-to-stream-live-video-into-powerpoint.

How can I get the URL of the participants so that I can manually add them to PowerPoint before starting the presentation? Thank you.

Zoom does not support / provide individual participant video stream URLs.

You could have these participants pre-record their video and embed those into the slides, but we don’t currently have a feature to support this use case.