Empty personal_meeting_url & pmi:0 in response to GET USER

API Endpoint(s) and/or Zoom API Event(s)
GET /users/{userId} - Zoom Meeting API

We have a web app (written in Java) that make requests to the “get user” method and read the values of “pmi” or “personal_meeting_url” fields. Sometimes the response is simply incomplete; personal_meeting_url is empty and pmi contains only a “0”. This behaviour breaks our app, since it needs to fullfil user’s profile with its zoom personal url to continue.

There is no exception/error. HTTP Status returned is 200. Only the fields in response are empty:


How To Reproduce
It’s tricky to reproduce, it seems to happen only sometimes. In an universe of 1000+ users, it occurs to 6~7 users on average per day.

Does anyone faced this before?