Problem with getting Meeting details


I try to get details of all meetings from a user in a subaccount. I can get a list of them via /v2/accounts/{accountId}/meetings/ but when I try to get the details of a single meeting I only get an empty answer. The response code is 200 so I should get data but the response body is empty. The endpoint is /v2/accounts/{accountId}/meetings/{meetingId}. I tried both Meeting ID and UUID but with the same result. I tried calling the API via Java and curl, same result. Has somebody an idea, what is worng?


Correct endpoints: /v2/accounts/{accountId}/users/{userId}/meetings and /v2/accounts/{accountId}/users/{userId}/meetings/meetingID

Hey @Maya_C4V,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. To make sure that I understand, were you able to resolve the issue by using the correct endpoints? If not, please send an email to with a link to this thread.

In that email, please include the request URL that you’re using.