Enable audio on device


I’m looking for a option to avoid the message “Call via Device Audio” and join at a meeting with the audio activated by default.

My code:

JoinMeetingOptions opts = new JoinMeetingOptions();
opts.no_invite = true;
opts.no_meeting_end_message = true;
opts.meeting_views_options =
MeetingViewsOptions.NO_BUTTON_MORE +
MeetingViewsOptions.NO_BUTTON_SHARE +
JoinMeetingParams params = new JoinMeetingParams();
params.displayName = "Some name";
params.meetingNo = "Some meeting number";
MeetingService meetingService = zoomSDK.getMeetingService();
meetingService.joinMeetingWithParams(this, params, opts);

I’m not using customUI.


Hi Esvux,

By default, the audio is connected at the time you join a meeting. The option shown in your picture appears when you disconnected your audio upon entry or got mute on entry and you want to connect to your audio source again. We do provide options for connecting different audio sources but if you would like to choose audio source for your user, you may consider using MeetingSettingsHelper.

For example, if you want to auto connect to the device audio, you can do the following:

MeetingSettingsHelper msHelper = zoomSDK.getMeetingSettingsHelper();

Based on your use cases, you may also want to implement the listeners in InMeetingServiceListener such as:


You can find more info in the SDK reference: https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/android/sdk-reference. The MeetingSettingsHelper and InMeetingServiceListener interfaces could be helpful.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks for using Zoom SDK.


Thank you, just this msHelper.setAutoConnectVoIPWhenJoinMeeting(true); solve my problem.